Pictures from an Institution
    (The New Yorker)
    A profile of Leon Botstein, the president of Bard College

    Nellie Bly’s Lessons in Writing What You Want To
    On stunt reporting, female moxie, and avoiding professional typecasting

    Found Money
    Cattle, tractors, and reality TV

    Ryan McGinley: Naked and Famous
    A photographer and his influence

    The Lure of Hard-to-Find Nail Polish
    (New York Times)
    On women who collect rare and discontinued lacquer

    Big wave surfing, NorCal slang, and near-death experiences

    A Home Furnishings Visionary Takes On High Culture
    Restoration Hardware’s venture into contemporary art 

    Anorexia, the Impossible Subject
    The most boring disease

    Nicole Holofcener Nails It
    On what counts as contemporary realism

    Margaret Lee’s One-Woman Show
    Smart art, fun friends, and “Cucumber Telephones” 

    Choire Sicha, the Anti-Blogger
    Sort of a book review? 

    The Completist
    I read everything Janet Malcolm ever published 

    Interview with Renata Adler
    (The Believer)
    "I never attacked anyone weak" 

    Does Anyone Here Speak Art and Tech?
    (New York Times)
    Art and technology: a clash of cultures

    The Nonblond Leading the Blond
    (New York Times)
    A Swedish hair salon on the Upper East Side 

    On the Market
    My year working at Sotheby’s

    Sad as Hell
    Internet anxiety as brain disease

    New Impressions
    (The Poetry Foundation)
    Raymond Roussel’s perfect brand of insanity

    Peetie the Parakeet, Art-World Darling
    (New York)
    After-hours pet care at the Whitney

    It’s a helluva town
    The discrete genre of the New York memoirs